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Tulsa Fashion Week

Tulsa Fashion Week (TFW) made its debut this week as local designers and creatives come together to show Tulsa’s sense of style.

With over five days of runway events held in Tulsa, the gap between local and national designers is being bridged through the interaction of both worlds. TFW provides an opportunity for local designers, models, fashion photographers and students who want to be part of the fashion industry gain experience in the field.

Tuesday’s event held inside Jackie Cooper Imports Mercedes showroom exuded a lively ambience as electronic dance music played softly in the background and guests and models milled about the room. Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent makeup products were available to guests who needed a touch up.   

“Lee does contour, Debbie’s doing lips and I’m doing eyes,” said Becca Fuller, makeup artist from Saks Fifth Avenue. “They just called us and told us to come.”

Tulsa World set up a dressmaking contest in which designers created gowns out of Tulsa World newspapers. Eight participants, including Raul Flores, Mventta Taylor, Carlos Collins, Krystle Curry, Enamual Durant, Kateri Burris and Ismir Pena worked hard to produce the pieces. Raul Flores won the contest with his dress titled “Crowning Midnight.” Flores won free tickets to the rest of TFW events.   

Wednesday night was an entirely different scene as Tulsans gathered for the grand opening of K. Nicole boutique on Brookside. Guests sat in black chairs lined up along both sides of the 12-foot wide alley behind the boutique. Models walked the concrete runway and posed for photographers.The crowd especially enjoyed the final line presented by wardrobe stylist Atoria Jordan, applauding her bold structural choices.

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Ismir Pena

Black and white ruled designer Ismir Pena’s collection at the Mercedes event. Models wore her Fall 2015 collection with poise as they chatted with guests throughout the night. Pictured below is daughter of the featured TFW designer, Ismir Reynoso Pena and ORU concurrent student, Madeline Grace, 16.

Raul Flores

Tulsa World competition winner 22-year-old, Raul Flores, beamed with pride as he explained his piece, “Crowning Midnight.” The Tulsa native shared the concept originated from French fashion designer, Thierry Mugler. Mugler is known for his fashion creations with unusual materials, including a corset constructed from car parts.

“We loved the structure of the dress and how he used the coins pictured in the paper to emphasize the design and pattern…when we looked closely, it took our breath away,” said Judge and Tulsa World Community Engagement Coordinator Samantha Extance.

Black Wall Street

Dennis Delemar, 30, brand president, featured his mission-based clothing line, Black Wall Street. Starting seven months ago, Delemar wanted to impart the tragic historic event of the 1900s Greenwood District massacre. His concept originated when he was invited to write a script and feature film for the Greenwood District story.

“The idea behind the brand is to bring the rich history of Greenwood back through clothing but also to inspire people and to get them to rethink history and the social issues that are going on in the world today” Delemar said.

His line features royal gold, black and white. Delemar’s goal is to uplift people with t-shirt graphics of metallic crowns and lions. The overarching vision of Black Wall Street is to remind apparel wearers there is, “a message behind every thread.”

Sherri Smith

Audience members, with smart phones in hand, anticipated capturing the multicolored wigs of Sherri Smith. Models strut the runway with four-inch heels decked in basic white tanks and high-waisted jeans. As they glided down the sunlit alley, their eyes were fixed intensely on an unseen focus. Their lips were glazed with a shimmering iced blue or metallic gold lipstick. Meant for the modern day woman, these wigs offer a simple way to enhance any look.

“This collection in today’s age, women want to have a different style, a different look for weddings, anniversaries or just everyday, so the collection that you’re going to see can be worn for any occasion and at anytime,” Smith said.

What’s Next?

Atoria Jordan was the final collection showcased on Wednesday evening at the “Fashion Meets Art in the Alley” event.

Utica Square held its own runway event Thursday night featuring more local designers at Miss Jackson’s.

Friday and Saturday will conclude the week’s events featuring designers Joannelynn Hong, Designs by Jessica, Caycee Black, Nicole Moan and Danny Nguyen Couture at the Mayo Hotel from 7:30-10 p.m..

Alexis Monsanto, Orlando Dugi, Stephen Goudeau, Stevie Boi and Nine Muses Collection will be featured at the Cox Convention Center Ballroom A from 7:30-10 p.m.

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