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Tulsa’s cheap eat cheat sheet

The holiday season is here, and ORU students are looking to save money however they can. Sodexo dollars are one thing, but saving money is a major priority for students who have to spend their hard earned dollars on travel expenses.

This cheat sheet aims to help students find holiday cheer without feeling “grinchy” about their spending.

$1 deals

El Guapo’s Cantina

$1 Tacos every Tuesday night

Blue Dome District, 332 E 1st Street,

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 382-RITA

$5 and under deals

Dilly Deli

$5 Rueben Sandwich on Monday night

Blue Dome District, 402 E 2nd St

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 938-6382

McNellie’s Pub

$3 Burger on Wednesday night

71st & Yale

Tulsa, OK 74171

(918) 933-5250


$5 Burger after 10 p.m. every night

1413 E 15th St,

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 582-8282


$5 Burger Special on Monday night

1542 E. 15th St.

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 949-4440

Joe Momma’s Pizza

$5 Pizza Special on Tuesday night

112 S Elgin Ave

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 794-6563

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