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Wardrobe up-cycle: One sweater four looks

Winter weather requires a warmer wardrobe. Before the season changes in a Tulsa second, get creative. Whether the dorm closet is teeming with post-Christmas abundance or looking for new ways to up-cycle a classic sweater, here are four ways to rock the same piece of knitted-wear.


  1. Jumpstart the wardrobe by pick- ing a sweater that can be easily transformed into a variety of looks. Choose one a neutral color and medium-length. Apply various elements of styling to achieve different ensembles.


    2. Opt for the classic layered look with a favorite sweater and collared shirt. Mix and match patterns with this timeless, J. Crew-inspired look and pair with a classic skinny jean and ankle boots. For extra flare, tuck it into an A-line skirt.


    3. Get the best of both seasons when layering a flouncy dress under the cozy knitted sweater. Simply add boots and a statement necklace for a fun and flirty outfit reminiscent of the summertime.


    4. Create a simple yet stylish look by pairing the cozy sweater with an even cozier blanket scarf. Pick a colorful scarf to add a pop. For extra boldness, add boots and transform a casual outfit into an ensemble fit for a Friday night.

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