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Warren Theatre brings vintage feel to movie night

When customers walk through the doors of a Warren Theatre, they enter into an experience they won’t soon forget. The 1920s themed décor and the customer service pulls patrons back to a time when theatres strived to pamper their guests.

“You can tell it’s not your everyday theatre,” said Rance Blann, Warren Theatre general manager. “What’s unique about the Warren Theatre is that you have several choices of seating.”

Different prices are offered to each seating level. Student’s are treated to a discount on all first floor theatres Sunday through Thursday for $8.50.

Bill Warren, the founder of the growing franchise with the most famous in Moore, Oklahoma, has been in the theatre business for over 40 years.

“Warren just wanted to be different,” said Blann. “This is what he remembers as a kid growing up. He’s always been in the theatre business. He loves it. He remembers the way people used to be pampered. He wanted an experience that was different.”

The Warren offers five different styles of auditoriums for patrons to view films. Each auditorium has a different experience, but they all fit into the theme of old-style extravagance.

The most popular auditoriums are the screening rooms. In this theatre, guests are provided with plush, reclining chairs with built in seat heaters.The films are projected onto a curved screen with 4k digital projection and surround sound.

“It has a nice comfortable feel, almost like being in your living room,” said Blann.

The Stadium Auditoriums are larger than the screening rooms, holding around 250 people each. The chairs in these theaters are similar to normal theatre seating.

“You can sit in a normal theatre and feel like you’re crunched in like sardines next to a stranger. That is not the case here,” said Blann. “You don’t have to bump elbows or fight for an armrest.”

The biggest screen in the state and one of the biggest screens in the country is housed in the Grand Infinity Auditorium. It has a 120-degree arch giving viewers a nearly 3D effect that allows them feel more encompassed into the film.

“What we have is better than IMAX,” said Blann. “The experience in here is second to none.”

Because the screen is so large, the Warren has to use 4k laser light projection. This precision presentation brightens projected film, which enhances the quality of the color and makes it easier to watch darkly-lit scenes. The sound system has 64 channels of Dolby Atmos multidimensional sound. The quality of the technical elements in this particular theatre sets itself apart from the other styles.

The Balcony theatre offers a more mature experience for patrons 21-years-old, complete with reclining seats and table dining. Patrons can look over their menus and call a server over with the push of a button. This seating also offers a love seat option. Couples can push up the armrests and cuddle while watching the film.

“This auditorium is our most popular area. It’s the best place to see a film, especially if you want to see it on a big wide screen,” said Blann.

Warren offers an even more upscale experience in the Director’s Suite. Only patrons 21-years-old and older with director suite tickets can enter this area. This theatre is considered the most intimate and upscale experience out of all the other auditoriums.

Ushers stationed by each of the doorways are ready to greet patrons, dressed in full 1920s-themed uniforms, complete with bow ties and white gloves. The theater also hosts a 1940s themed diner with a menu offering food that patrons can bring into the theaters. Opposite the diner is an arcade full of the latest games.

Throwback elements like curtains and clocks appear throughout the theatre, adding an old-time feel. Custom art covers the walls, and music is piped throughout the building.

Trademarked dome lighting adds to the ambience of feeling special as well as the chocolate-covered mints offered by the ushers.

“Once someone comes here and watches a movie, guess what, they’re never going to go anywhere else,” Blann said.

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