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How to manage time as finals approach

With finals rapidly approaching the week of Nov 16 through Nov 20, we need to prepare ourselves. There are many ways to do this adequately—time management, discipline, preparation and rest all play a crucial role in this. Here are some tips to help you conquer finals.

“I have to go to the library,” says Jay Christiansen, a senior Biblical Literature major. “It is the perfect atmosphere for me to focus on what I have to study for my exams. My room is the hub of the floor, and my friends are constantly in there. The library allows me not to get distracted, so my time is not wasted.”

A great tip to keep in mind is to change the environment in which you study. Staying in your dorm room can easily affect your studying since community living and friends can easily distract you. The library, study rooms, coffee shops and the outdoors are peaceful places to study and allow for fewer distractions and better focus.

Studying and preparing for your specific tests is also a must. A useful tool to use is Quizzlet. This online software allows you to plug in the information, take tests, quizzes, play matching games and use flashcards. Another tip to keep in mind is taking those breaks. It is good for your eyes to take a step back from screens and allow your mind to be refreshed. Hours on top of hours can sometimes do more harm than good when you do not apply the information to your mind in a refreshed state.

“Rest is my favorite part of preparing for finals,” Christiansen said, chuckling. “I always need more proper sleep. Prioritizing rest for me is essential considering I need to have my best foot forward in my exams.”

A study done by the University Health Center shows us that, on average, college students only get six hours of sleep a night. Insufficient sleep can affect our health, moods, GPA and safety. Sleep is important.

“That last thing I would have to say about what I do when preparing is listening to worship music through my studying, rest and prayer time,” concluded Christiansen.

Any type of music that brings your mind peace and the feeling of wanting to be productive is suitable to keep in mind. Having this play in your headphones while you go about studying and praying can motivate and push you to keep going and finish strong, even when you don’t want to.

The best piece of advice anyone can have when walking into any test is to have confidence and speak life over your challenge. If you tell yourself that you are going to fail, then you will most likely fail. If you talk positively about how you will perform and prepare yourself to the best of your abilities, you will succeed. Finals week will go the way you prepare for them, and it’s not too early to start now.