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Remembering Battle of the Bands 2021

Battle of the Bands is an event that is regarded as the highlight of the year — and this year was no exception. From prizes given out by Student Association, to free t-shirts and popular songs, BOTBs did not disappoint. Each band stood out for their comedic speeches, energetic personalities, original songs, and popular cover songs. While enjoying outstanding performances, talent across the university was showcased.

Alyssa Bernald and Eden Epperson, hosts and event coordinators for SA, started planning early spring semester.

“It is one of the biggest staple events of the year, and we expect a lot of audience interaction. Our job as event coordinators is to put events on for the student body, and it is hard not to have a lot of events; we are grateful to do Battle of the Bands, and we are super excited to enjoy the last few moments,” said Bernald.

“I am looking forward to the feeling of community and how events like this bring us all together. This honestly feels like a love letter to the school of my farewell. It is bitter-sweet. An hour or two ago, and we were going over the game plan, it felt like a game-day preparation. Moments like that are exciting,” said Epperson.

Three bands called Remember the Titans, GOA and Flava performed at BOTB. Each one shared their thoughts after performing.

“We have been practicing for a while, and we are nervous and excited that we get to spend this time together. Thank you to the student body for coming,” explained GOA.

“We are very ready for tonight and to show our skill, and it is what we have been getting ready for,” stated Remember the Titans.

“I was nervous and excited. Afterward, I was like, wow, that is fun. It took me out of my comfort zone, and I am usually shy. I was doing it to put on a show and challenge myself. At the end of the day, we got to end the year on a high note,” said band member Albright of Flava.

The students enjoyed their time at BOTB, especially since many SA events have been canceled because of COVID-19.

“I just like to be together again. It is so much fun to see the community back together. I am looking forward to hearing the bands,” explained Tori Storm, public relations and advertising major at ORU.

“I love getting to hear all the talent and present itself creatively to the student body. I like the Flava band, and I have friends in the other two bands,” stated Jillisa Gary junior at ORU.

The results of the BOTB were very narrow, with just a five percent margin for victory. In the end, only one team came out on top — Remember the Titans!

“We feel ecstatic from the experience and feeding off the crowd. We did not think we were going to win, and we are the underdogs. We call ourselves Remembering the Titans because we are remembering the ORU Titans. We are not affiliated with the movie. Thank you to the ORU student body for supporting us. Your dreams can come true when you wish upon a star,” explained the Remember the Titans.