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Saving up with student discounts

Between tuition, text books, fees and the college student lifestyle, our finances can often be spread too thin. But did you know? There are many deals and discounts we get as students to help with the expenses, we just have to know where to look. Here is a list of deals that you should be aware of during your time at ORU.


6 month free amazon discount with Amazon Student

This allows you to have two day free shipping at no cost for six months. You can find millions of products from books to clothes, and so much more.  Take note that after six months, Amazon will upgrade you to a prime membership at 50 percent off.


$4 monthly subscription to New York Times

The New York Times offers access to all their stories and more for just $1 a week. This equals out to $4 a month. Great for students working in media or wanting to stay up with the latest news and entertainment. 


Discounts at retail stores 

Many stores offer discounts when presented with a student ID—Madewell, Modcloth, J.Crew, H&M, Banana Republic, GAP and ASOS. These deals range from 10 percent to 25 percent off depending on the store. 


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint free from Microsoft

When using a student email, you have access to all of Microsoft offices. Usually a rate of $69.99 a year, this is a great deal for college students. 


12 months of Linkedin free

This is Linkedin Premium Essentials plan. You have access to all the benefits of Linkedin for 12 months. With this you will save $29.99 a month. 


Save on electronics at Best Buy with student discount 

Best Buy offers unique deals and coupons to college students only. This program is called College Student Deals. The next time you need a new laptop or electronic make sure to check out the coupons Best Buy has to offer. 


Never forget a password or username by using Lastpass

Are you stressed out by trying to juggle all your student usernames and passwords? Use Lastpass. Lastpass is the online computer software that remembers your passwords and login to anything and everything. As a student you are offered a free six month trial, and then an $18 charge for the next six months. 


Spotify Premium

We all love our music. Rather that is to workout, study or ride in the car with friends, we enjoy our personalized playlists. Spotify offers their premium plan for free to college students. So take advantage of this amazing deal so that you can enjoy your music anywhere. 


YouTube Premium

Enjoy ad-free videos on YouTube for one month for free, and then $6.99 per month after. 


Free Grammarly subscription 

Grammarly is an online software that allows you to put in an essay, paper or writing to check and edit. Free for all college students when signed up with a university email.