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“WandaVision”—A review

If you, like me, were largely unmoved by the attempted love story of Wanda and Vision in the Avengers movies, Marvel’s debut of their first TV show, “WandaVision,” did not elicit any excitement, but sometimes life is full of surprises.

From the first moment that Wanda and Vision ride onto the black and white screen, their marriage, announced by a trail of tin cans clanging off their car, they charm you with their wholesome banter and love. 

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, as Wanda and Vision respectively, seem to have come into their own. Like Vision sweeping Wanda off of her feet in episode one’s opening credits, I was also swept away into the love letter of a show to classic sitcoms.

The first few episodes are modeled after classic sitcoms like the “Dick Van Dyke” show and “I Love Lucy.” But all is not as it seems in the small town of Westview for Wanda and Vision. Seemingly innocent moments are interrupted with eerie hints of a more disturbing mystery. 

Behind the laughing tracks and quaint commercial breaks, there is a sinister undertone that entices the viewer to wait week by week for the next episode. Even my less than head-over-heels-for-Marvel siblings were taken in by the quaint and mysterious “WandaVision.”

While the short episodes and seven-minute credits may feel like a drag, they actually fit the genre that “WandaVision” is trying to emulate. Other Disney Plus shows, like “The Mandalorian” season two, have struggled to engage audiences and keep the conversation going with the weekly release schedule; However, “WandaVision” always seems to have a fresh revelation to entice its audience.

It remains to be seen whether “WandaVision” will go the way of “Game of Thrones” and end in a fandom rage storm or go down in television history as a work of art. Whatever direction “WandaVision” falls, I guarantee you will hear about it from your favorite nerdy friend. 

You may feel burnt out by the bombardment of superhero movies, or you may be feeling starved after a long hiatus since “Avenger’s Endgame.” Either way, “WandaVision” is a mystery superhero mishmash that may enchant your heart if you give it a chance.

Can Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, continue his domination of the blockbuster movie culture? Or will this new era of Marvel TV shows spell the overextended end of the cinematic universe? Time will tell.