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2014 Remake of Robocop fails to thrill audiences

A world where machines carry out justice is the main theme revolving around the dramatic action movie, Robocop.

The original 1987 film was quite successful, winning many awards and bringing about several sequels. Now, many years later, Brazilian film director Jose Padilha has attempted to recreate the 1987 hit.

Unfortunately, this 2014 remake of Robocop missed the mark.

Although Robocop was not entirely bad, the movie did have several problems. The movie felt rushed.

Not much planning was done to make sure the movie still had the same elements that brought along the original version’s success.

The remake brought Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) to his attacker too soon, not allowing for the movie to build climax.

Next, the movie failed to create a true hardened criminal, unlike the original, which showed just how brutal the villain could be.

Good villains are usually savvy, troublesome to the protagonist and hard to defeat. Robocop’s villain had none of these qualities and was simply too easy to get.

Lastly, the movie lacked focus. It was hard to tell if the movie was focusing on Alex Murphy’s desire for revenge or on his effort to adjust to a situation that had altered his way of life.

Despite its problems, Robocop did possess some good elements.

The movie was thorough in describing the situation that was present in that current era.

The movie walked the audience through the story of Alex Murphy by giving a full description of his life as a cop up to events that led to his becoming Robocop.

The acting was well done. Gary Oldman who played the passionate creator of Robocop, Dr. Dennett Norton, and Samuel L. Jackson, played Pat Novak, the devoted news host promoting a robotic police force were great supporting actors.

Some strong computer graphics and designs were present which gave the movie a good boost.

Overall Robocop was average. The movie was entertaining but not well developed. Like many remakes, this 2014 remake of Robocop was not where nearly as entertaining as the original.

A plus for the movie is its PG-13 rating which will allow for a broader audience unlike the rated R original.

Three stars for the average 2014 remake of Robocop.

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