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About Us

The Oracle is the premier student news organization of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1966.

Our mission is to serve ORU and the surrounding Tulsa community by providing accurate and relevant media content with creativity and integrity. From the news you need to hear to the voices you need heard, we’ve #GotItCovered.

The leaders behind the ledes

Meet your 2019-2020 editorial staff.


Sterling Zoe Rubottom
Major: Convergence Journalism
Year: Junior
MBTI®: ENTJ “Commander” 
Enneagram: Type 1w2 "Activist"
Hometown: Houston, TX
Enjoys videography, Coca-Cola, hanging out at Barnes & Noble, playing Monopoly (probably losing but enjoying the journey), and referencing obscure movie lines no one else remembers. Her blood type is B+ (but she's not positive.) Her go-to saga meal is froot loops, with all certainty.
“This is reality, Greg.” 
- Elliott (E.T.)
Staci McCoy
Managing Editor
Major: Public Relations, Writing minor
Year: Senior
MBTI®: ESTJ-A "Executive"
Enneagram: Type 1w9 "Optimist" 
Hometown: Beaumont, TX

She is passionate about writing, organization, encouragement, Victory Youth, and whole health. Her blood type is O- and her go-to saga meal is pita bread with hummus or mini wheats with whole milk.

"Life’s a party, rock your body.”

- Marcel the shell

Alejandro Contreras
Design Editor
Major: Graphic Design
Year: Senior
MBTI®: What the heck is that
Enneagram: Type 6 "Loyalist"
Hometown: Guatemala City
Passionate about digital art, modern art, music and equality. His blood type is definitely B+ and his go-to saga meal is broccoli with melted cheese and bacon. 

"Don’t let them put words in your mouth. God gave you a brain, you don’t need theirs.”

- Angie Thomas

Chae Woon Yoo
News Editor
Major: Global Environmental Sustainability, Music & Education minor
Year: Senior
MBTI®: Doesn't like personality tests
Enneagram: At all
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Her go-to SAGA meal is grilled chicken and salad. Her blood type is also B+. She is passionate about the health of the environment and people's relationship with nature. And bees. 

"Laugh it off."

- Amy T. Kentucky

Brendon Martin
Sports Editor
Major: Political Science, Pre-law minor
Year: Junior
MBTI®: ISTJ "Logistician" 
Enneagram: Type 1 "Perfectionist"
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
He enjoys soccer, politics and a good read. Go-to saga meal: grilled chicken with fries. 

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Faith Wilson
Lifestyle Editor
Major: Convergence Journalism, Pre-law minor
Year: Sophomore 
MBTI®: ENFP-A "Campaigner"
Enneagram: 7w8 "Opportunist"
Hometown: Branson, MO

Blood type: let’s say O-.  Go-to saga meal: anything with veggies and meat. She is passionate about journalism, writing, record collecting, friends and family, traveling, adventures and racking up quotes on the Quotes of Shame board.

"My mom said, ‘if your friends jump off a bridge would you?’ Mom, I was the one with the idea, you birthed a leader, not a follower.”

- Twitter

Gabriel Jaggernauth
Photography Editor
Major: Cinema, TV & Digital Media
Year: Sophomore
MBTI®: ENTP "Visionary"
Enneagram: Type 3 "Achiever"
Hometown: Marabella in Trinidad and Tobago
His passions include gaming, videography, traveling, vlogging on his YouTube channel and photography (surprise, surprise.) His go-to saga meal is macaroni salad with Three Beans salad on the side, but for breakfast he's gotta go with a bagel and donut holes. 
“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” 
- Wayne Gretsky
Camden Isaiah Swan
Business Manager
Major: Accounting
Year: Sophomore
MBTI®: ISTJ-A "Logistician"
Enneagram: Type 3 "Achiever"
Hometown: the 918
He enjoys baseball, rugby and being an entrepreneur. His go-to SAGA meal is meatballs with strawberry lemonade and he has never done blood work . . . ever. He’s also a notary public. Very official.

“Rich people don’t sleep 8 hours a day!”

– Steve Harvey