What to do in the cold weather

A student opinion on how to make the most out of a cold day.

Carolina Figueroa, Staff Writer

When it is too cold outside to do activities like biking, Frisbee and golf, what can be done at Oral Roberts University? Here are a few suggestions from students for what to do when it gets cold.


Hanging out with friends and running from point to point on campus is one option for what to do when it is freezing outside, said freshman Lilyann Brestel. If they are in the Claudius Residence Hall, for example, they like to sprint to the Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center or other ORU landmarks.


Building a snowman and having a snowball war, or if there is no snow, watching a movie and drinking hot cocoa are suggestions from freshman Samuel Hernandez.


Matica Gross, another freshman, likes to grab a cup of tea and read.


“When and if there is snow falling outside,” Gross said, “I like to sit by the window and watch it fall.”


Growing up in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe, freshman Isaiah Mjumira would redecorate the house with his mother during cold weather.


“Although my dad wasn’t a big fan of things being rearranged, we did it anyway,” Mjumira said. “This included everything from changing out curtains as well shifting furniture around the living room as well as my bedroom. I’ve slept in every corner of my bedroom and that never gets old.”


Tulsa has seen freezing rain and snow during the first week of February with temperatures falling as low as single digits, according to the National Weather Service.


With the wintry weather closing the campus, Dr. Wilson cancelled classes for his students, giving them a couple snow days. However, the students will have to stay up to date on their online assignments, videos, discussions and other materials on D2L. The library will remain open even if the rest of campuses closes, although services may be limited and operating hours reduced, officials said.