Fall Revival draws ORU students deeper into faith

Theatrical design sophomore Ellie Rohweder decided to give Christianity another try after hearing an inspirational sermon on ORU’s Fall Revival 2022.

Sevyn Bahntu, Staff Writer

As a kid, Ellie Rohweder went to a Christian school that pushed her away from the faith.


It forced religious beliefs on students without a loving and respectful environment from the staff, she said.


This year, however, Rohweder transferred to Oral Roberts University from a secular college and heard a speaker at Fall Revival who sparked a decision in her mind to reopen the door to Christianity.


Reggie Dabbs is a highly sought-after public speaker who serves on the ORU Board of Trustees.


“He is the real deal,” said Rohweder, a theatrical design sophomore.


Dabbs’ sermon opened her eyes to others dealing with religious trauma and made her see the need to look at Christians from a different angle.


“They are not all the same,” Rohweder said.


While she is still not fully committed to Christianity, Dabbs inspired her to give it another try, Rohweder said.


Fall Revival brought several speakers and performers to campus last month to devote more time to God and deepen their faith.


For nursing sophomore Danielle Benton, Revival brought a new sense of awareness about her emotions.


“I felt blah, super-tired, and I didn’t know why,” she said.

As Dallas-based worship ensemble UpperRoom played during Revival, Benton felt a heart of repentance for putting her detached feelings into God’s hands.


“He devotes so much time to us, but we only devote so little time to Him,” she said.


“No matter how you are feeling,” Benton continued, “don’t let your feelings control or block anything that God is wanting to do in your life during Revival.”